Magical Unthinking

20 Sep

Linsday Graham has gone ahead and made the incredibly irresponsible statement that the U.S. should take military action against Iran if they acquire a nuclear weapon, and that any statements from Iran that the country does not wish to produce such a weapon are simply “lies.” Explanation of why military action is unnecessary and how disastrous it could prove has been made by others, and my own knowledge is too limited to make a good contribution. There are still a few comments I’d like to make.

Graham, like many Iran hawks, was a staunch supporter of the invasion of Iraq, and as such should be seen as having little to no credibility on the issue. The particularly bold and unrealistic aspect of his particular vision is that he claims that not only could air and naval strikes remove the Iranian capacity to build a nuclear weapon, but that they could effect regime change there without the need for any ground forces. The prediction that regime change in Iraq would be a cake walk was far-fetched enough, but declaring that the government of a nation of over 70 million, still in possessions of one of the world’s largest militaries could be overthrown with missile strikes alone is either empty bluster or purely magical thinking. To have that view espoused by a member of government is both frightening andembarrassing.


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